Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Orijen Adult Formula Dry Dog Food Review

Orijen Adult Formula Dry Dog Food
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I have a 8.5 month old Aussie mix. She's about 42 lbs now. This food is magic!! I love it! She's never been "food motivated" and so she's always been a little reluctant to eat her kibble, but she honestly LIKES this stuff. She'll do tricks for it like it is a treat. More importantly, her poop is GREAT on this kibble. Finally, it's easy to pick up! This food is a godsend.
We've previously tried Innova EVO, California Natural Lamb and Rice Puppy and Adult, and Canidae All Life Stages. Innova EVO gave her the runs, but she was a new puppy. (The pet food store said EVO was rich enough for puppies. My vet disagreed.) California Natural seemed better, but her poop was always so soft that it was messy to pick up, and she never really liked it. She liked the taste of Canidae better - so much so that she would pick it out when I mixed it with the Lamb and Rice. However, her poop didn't really improve until we shifted to Orijen.
Magic. This stuff is magic, I say. Besides being the magic food for my dog, it's also made in Canada with almost all Canadian ingredients. From what I've read, they get rice from California and Lamb from New Zealand, but otherwise -- everything comes from farms in and around Alberta. No food recalls on this brand!
One word of advice: like with all good dog foods, it's best to keep the bag tightly closed. It goes stale.

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