Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tropiclean Oxy Med Itch Relief Spray 8Oz Review

Tropiclean Oxy Med Itch Relief Spray 8Oz
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My wife and I share our home with three terriers. Two of them, a female Scotty and a male Cesky, scratch. Not all the time - but often enough so that I'm sometimes concerned. They don't have fleas, they don't have mites - they don't have dermatitus, eczema or seborrhea - they don't have any of the unpleasant conditions that keep vets and dermatologists in business. They just itch. Enter, Tropiclean Oxy Med Itch Relief spray....
I should immediately say that the manufacturer claims that the spray will provide temporary relief from many of the aforementioned itchy medical conditions - I'm not able to address that claim, (and hopefully will never have a reason to do so). But as for the dog that sometimes just scratches and chews for no good reason, (well, of course they have a good reason - they itch), Oxy Med seems to provide almost immediate relief.
The spray contains soothing ingrediants like wheat protein, oatmeal extract, kava, Omega fatty acids and vitamin E. It does NOT contain alcohol - consequently it can be used frequently without drying out the dog's skin.
Our Cesky sometimes gets up in the morning and you can see him calculating - "How long can I scratch before Mommy and Daddy go nuts?" But no more! Now, a good spray with Oxy Med, worked well into his coat, and he's finished for the day. "Shucks," says he, "I guess I'll have to drive Mommy crazy pushing my ball under the sofa."

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