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Greenies Pill Pockets, Beef, 7.9 oz, for Capsules Review

Greenies Pill Pockets, Beef, 7.9 oz, for Capsules
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Rarely have I encountered a product that doesn't have at least ONE person who either thinks it's junk, or gives a (bogus) low review because the delivery guy accidentally dropped the package before leaving the item at the door.
As of this moment, 100% of the people reviewing the Greenies PILL POCKETS have given them a five-star rating, and I'm enthusiastically joining the crowd!
If you're a dog owner, you've almost certainly had to, at some point, give your dog a pill that he or she was reluctant to take. The usual remedy until now, (as suggested by our vet) was to simply shove the thing down the poor dog's throat, and then rub their neck to help the pill go down.
Recently, one of our dogs --a large yellow lab named Chip-- was suffering from untreatable throat cancer, but he still needed to take a number of pills to make his final days a little more comfortable. The vet specifically mentioned AVOIDING the "shove and rub" technique as it would be very painful for the dog --who at that point was even reluctant to eat his regular food.
Someone mentioned PILL POCKETS. We picked up a bag and lo and behold, they worked like a champ. Though Chip was still not really interested in eating a meal, the *very* meaty smell of the PILL POCKETS was irresistible to him, and he happily gobbled up his meds.
Sadly, we lost Chip about a week later, but then our other dog developed a minor skin rash that required he take some antibiotics. Eubie is a Border Collie, and they tend to figure things out before you do --and we were astounded when he wolfed down his medicine and then looked at us as if to ask "is that all --when do I get another?!"
My technique for using the PILL POCKETS is to stuff the pill(s) inside, pinch off the open end --and then, using my palms, "roll" the pocket into a smooth, round ball. With Eubie at least, he loves the smell so much, that he simply swallows it whole.
In fact, I discovered another great use for the PILL POCKETS and that is to take a rawhide bone and smear the nooks and crannies with a single pill pocket. Since they're kind of "doughy" in texture, they're perfect in this regard --and for a dog that will happily walk around the house with the rawhide bone for days without ever chewing on it, we've found that the "pill pocket infused" rawhide is something that he HAS to chew on. (In fact, he was SO focused on this task, that for the first time ever, he actually ignored the fireworks on July 4th.... it was truly amazing!)
- Jonathan Sabin

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