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Paw Naturaw Organic Beef Formula for Dogs, 12-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 12) Review

Paw Naturaw Organic Beef Formula for Dogs, 12-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 12)
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My dogs just love this Paw Naturaw frozen raw diet. It works so much better to feed them this in our household. First, they like it enough that they eat it right away instead of letting something sit; this really helps our family keep to a schedule where we know the dogs' needs to go out are being met. Second, they are a lot more active since they started this diet; they seem to have more energy and play together. Third, MANY LESS incidents of the dogs having stomach upset or intestinal upset. (Cleaning up outside is a lot easier!)

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Paw Naturaw leads the pack by offering America's first line of certified organic, frozen, raw diets for dog companions. Paw Naturaw Organic Beef Diet is completely grain-free and bone-free, and features human-grade, organic meats, fresh organic produce, and the most bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplements available.
Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein: 13% min Crude Fat: 11% min Crude Fiber: .23% max Moisture: 68% max
Ingredient Categorization (total % by weight in diet) Organic Beef: 64.5% Organic Beef Liver, Kidneys & Heart: 7% Organic Fruits & Vegetables: 27% Vitamin, Mineral, & Organic Oil Supplements: 1.5%
Paw Naturaw carefully sources wholesome organic ingredients to blend into its frozen raw diets. Paw Naturaw acquires USDA inspected organic beef processed for human consumption from local farms and ranches in the continental United States. Processing of Paw Naturaw Diets occurs in a state of the art, temperature controlled, production room in its newly constructed, FDA registered, and USDA/ MOSA certified organic, manufacturing facility built to LEED green specifications in Lake Mills, WI.
Why Feed Raw?Switching your dog companion's diet to Paw Naturaw, organic, frozen, raw diets often leads to revitalizing and compelling results, such as:

Shinier, softer, and healthier hair or coat
Brighter and clearer eyes
Cleaner ears
Improved skin conditions
Freshening or elimination of bad breath
Naturally improved and sustained hydration
Stools reduce in size and become more biodegradable
Energy and vitality increase
Innate senses sharpen and tone
Heart and muscle mass strengthen organically
Immune system functions improve its ability to fight off diseases and infections
Visits to the veterinary clinic may diminish as the body holistically corrects itself and may reduce medical expenses over the course of your animal companion's life

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