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Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System Review

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System
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I've had this for a few weeks, and I'm really happy with it.
The hugest advantage to this system is the urine is separated from the 'litter' and odor is greatly reduced. The litter consist of pellets similar in shape/size to the wood-based natural litters, but they are of a hard clay, which doesn't break down with moisture, and they keep their shape. Thus, the urine drains straight down through a grid to the pad (in its own slide-out drawer), and the poo stays on top to be scooped away.
The pee will not ferment with the characteristic stench, and you don't have to deal with clumping litter which doesn't really clump, and is just plain stinky and messy to scoop up.
The proprietary 'pee' pads are kind of like a giant maxi pad, and absorb a lot of liquid. Also, the bottom side of the pad is plastic, and the pad fits into the tray in a way that the plastic is upturned to keep the tray itself dry. Maintenance consists of merely taking the drawer out to the trash, and sliding the pad out, putting in a new one, and sliding the drawer back into the bottom of the box.
The litter itself are hard pellets, which hardly get tracked, and it is 100% dustless. A pellet or two stick to paws, but are easily picked up and tossed back into the box. Scooping is easy, and if the poo is dry, you can kind of shake it around in the scoop to knock off some of the pellets, then throw it in the trash instead of wasting water with a toilet flush.
It takes mere seconds to maintain the box vs. 10 minutes of scooping and scraping soggy clumping litter which doesn't really clump, but falls apart.
When it's time to change the litter (once a month), it just pours into the trash, no scraping the soggy wet concrete of old.
Some say you get a 'poo' smell, since kitties can't bury it quite like they did with the old type of litter, but I'll take that over the overpowering stench of fermented urine any day. And, the smell goes away quite shortly, just like human smell in the bathroom. Note that you should just use one bag of the pellets in the box, the litter won't be as deep. I just give the box a quick shake daily to even it back out.
Cat adaption to the new box: This won't work for everyone, but this is what I did: I set up the new Breeze system next to the old box (which was fairly gross, as I let it get bad) to see what would happen. I placed a clump of the old litter into the new box to let him know it was 'his.' My 9 year old fellow was pretty much using the new box right away (probably out of curiousity more than anything). After 3 days or so, I removed the old box and inserted it directly into the garbage, never to be dealt with again. No problems, 100% compliance on Max's part.
If Tidy Cats came out with a fully hooded version of the box, it would be great for the folks who have standing pee-ers, but my fellow doesn't do that, so I'm lucky.
Finally, some say the pellets and pads are expensive, but I estimate the cost as about equal to the old style of box over the long run - and the convenience and ease of maintenance should erase any other doubt.
Also, this system has the potential of keeping tons of conventional clay litter out of landfills.
Highly recommended.

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