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Diatomaceous Earth 3 pounds Review

Diatomaceous Earth 3 pounds
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We live in a building in White Plains, NY that is affected by bedbugs. We've had several of these nasty parasites in our apartment over the past 9 months. 3 months ago my wife discovered this product, and purchased the 3 pound container that you see here. We started sprinkling it around our apartment: we did the perimeter baseboard, pulled up our area rugs and dusted the floorboards, and even put it between our box spring and mattress.
We've found bedbugs dried up around our apartment in the areas that we've treated, so it's successful as a treatment for bedbugs. The fact that it is pet-safe (you can feed it to your pets to de-worm them? crazy) gives us peace of mind about our cat stepping in it and washing her paws later.
If you put this down on your floors, be sure to have good ventilation. We didn't realize how long this powder would hang in the air when we first treated our bedroom: we did that at night, then had to quick get the Ionic Breeze into our room so we wouldn't sneeze all night.
Our exterminator didn't know about diatomaceous earth before he came to treat our apartment. I showed him this product and explained how it worked; he has now incorporated it into his arsenal of bedbug toxins.

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