Monday, November 5, 2012

Lixit Dog Treat jar 44oz Plastic Review

Lixit Dog Treat jar 44oz Plastic
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This treat jar is about 5" high and the perfect size for my cat's treats. I had little treat bags and bottles lines up and pouring them in this jar took away the clutter! I'm not very visual so I wasn't sure how large this was going to be, I was worried it would be too big. It's fantastic! It held four pouches of treats and a jar of 'Pounce' with a bit of room left over. I wouldn't use it for a dog unless it was for the purposes of packing a light meal or snacks for traveling. Four stars instead of five because the lid is extremely tight...good to keep treats fresh, not so good when you're trying to open it =0) For the price the product can't be beat!

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