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New Automatic LCD Pet Dog Cat Feeder 4 Day Auto Food Dispenser Green Review

New Automatic LCD Pet Dog Cat Feeder 4 Day Auto Food Dispenser Green
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We bought this pet feeder because we have a picky cat that will only eat canned food. It was important to have a feeder that would hold ice to keep wet cat food cold.
This feeder has a storage area for ice but it is limited in size so that typical small blue ice does not fit in the ice area. It would be possible to perhaps put a small completely defrosted flexible blue ice package in there and then freeze the entire lid but we did not do this for fear that the plastic lid would warp or get misshapen from the cold. (It needs to keep its original shape so it exactly fits into the bottom part of the dish that holds the food.) We contacted the seller to see if an ice pack specifically made for this feeder was available and was told that there was not one; our research on Internet led us to same conclusion.
So what we had to do was cut up a flexible blue ice package and then vacuum seal it into a package half its original size. This seems to work okay BUT flexible blue ice does not stay cold as long as blue ice in hard encasing does. It would have been nice if the manufacturer had made the ice section larger so it could hold small hard-shelled blue ice container; this would have allowed for perhaps having two cold meals for your pet instead of one. (The flexible blue ice really only stays cold for maybe 10 hours at most.)
So the ice issue is a real big deal to me, which is why I rated this with 3 stars.
Another issue is that the timer is not really able to have you come up with three separate times for the three covered meals (the first meal is uncovered; there is a cover but you need to keep it uncovered for the rotation to next meal to occur). The feeder can be programmed so each meal occurs at 8, 12, or 24 hour intervals, and whatever you choose applies to all the programmed meals. This is unfortunate because my cat likes to eat his meals closer together during the day than at night time.
The feeder seems easy to operate and being able to record your voice is a nice feature. Whatever you record is repeated 3 times after the feeder opens up for a particular meal.
I wish the manufacturer would reconfigure this unit to increase size of the ice holding area and to enable having different timing for each of the three programmed meals. If this feeder had these two improvements, I would rate it a 5 star. As it is, it's better than nothing, but doesn't allow me to leave my kitty for longer than a one-day trip.

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