Friday, November 9, 2012

Lick Your Chops Canned Dog Food Review

Lick Your Chops Canned Dog Food
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Since I purchased a case of this, it arrived to me shrink wrapped. I put the entire case on the shelf. When I opned it weeks later, I learned that each and every can was dented, some severely. When I tried to return this to Amazon, they declined saying that too much time had passed to return it (about a month).
Unfortunately this has turned me off of Lick Your Chops brand. They were clearly dented before they were shipped, not by Amazon. Is their quality control that bad?
Lesson learned: when purchasing a case, open it immedately; perhaps I could have returned it then.
I regret not being able to give the product more stars as the food inside has been historically good. But I won't feed anybody food from cans with gashes in them.

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