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Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies Review

Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies
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I recently purchased this food for my 5 month old black lab mix. When I first adopted him several months ago, I started him on Wellness puppy food. The two issues I had with the Wellness was that, you could only buy it from Petco and of course the price, I was paying $51 for a 30 pound bag. I felt that I could do better. So, I did some research and it seemed that the beneful was the way to go, I bought a bag of the beneful and fed it to my puppy, well, within a few days he was crapping all over the house. Being concerned for his health, but also getting tired of picking up puppy poop, I contacted my local pecto for help and spoke to the trainer, she urged me to immediately stop feeding the puppy the beneful and go back to the Wellness dog food. She even called the beneful "The Worst Dog food out there". So I took her advice and immediately saw results in my puppy, he was back to being his healthy, happy, and playful self. I have learned a lesson, not to cut corners on dog food. If buying more expensive food is going to mean a happy puppy, I will spend the money.
Update: 1\20\2011
I read other review on similar beneful products, other people seemed to have similar problems. Many complained about their dogs losing fur, getting rashes, and problems with "gas". It appears that this product uses a dye to color the bits of food, I remember when my puppy was sick, I noticed his stool was a red color, I was first scared that it was blood, but apparently it was the dye, and Im guessing he was allergic to the food. Definately BE AWARE of this product!!!!

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