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Innova Adult Large Bites Dry Dog Food Review

Innova Adult Large Bites Dry Dog Food
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At $45.99, this price is a great deal BUT when you add the $17.02 shipping, the total comes to $63.01! I can buy this locally for $54.95 plus 6.5% tax for a total of $58.58! I have check other places online and I have come to the conclusion that buying locally is the least expensive.
I have been feeding Natura's Innova dry puppy and, later, large breed dog food to my 1-year old Golden Retriever mix since I adopted him at 11-weeks, and, the past few years, Innova Senior to my 11-year old Lab mix, 4 cups a day for the former who is almost 80-pounds, and 2 cups a day for the latter who is 65-pounds.
For years, I fed my Lab mix Science Diet because it was touted as recommended by vets. But, when skin issues developed (scratching) I started doing research and began my dog food education. I was surprised to learn about "sub-prime" ingredients and how much grain is used as filler. I switched to Nutro for a few years and that helped the allergies. More reading and I graduated to Innova. Expensive? Yes. I cringe every time I buy a bag and a part of me thinks there is a very large profit being made by the seller. But, knowing that I am feeding a quality dog food to my dogs, priceless. They are healthy, happy, and my Lab mix seldom scratches himself anymore.
The next step up would be Natura's EVO, a no-grain food, but unlike cats whose main ingrediant in their diets must be meat and would benefit from a no-grain diet, a dog diet may include vegetables, grains, and fruits, so I will probably stick with Innova.
So, 5-stars for the food, 0-stars for the "bargain" price.

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