Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Evanger's Super Premium 100% Venison for Dogs Review

Evanger's Super Premium 100% Venison for Dogs
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My 15 year old dog stopped eating. She lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and just had no interest in eating anything, canned or dried. I tried several varieties, canned and dried, and in those 14 days, she ate maybe 1/2 can of food.
I went to my local pet store and bought several different varieties of dog food, worked out the ones that she would eat, but even then, she was down to maybe 1/2 can a day. Being a wolf hybrid, and only weighing 40 pounds, I was afraid she was on her last legs, so I went online and ordered several cans of different brands and flavors of dog food to see if I could get her to eat.
Of those kinds of dog food, only Evanger's consistently works. True, I still can't feed her the same flavor twice in a row, cause she won't eat it the second time around, but when I mix the grain free food with her dry dog food, she WILL eat the whole thing (1 full can of Evanger's + her normal serving of dry). It takes her all day, but she DOES eat it. At first, she 'snarfed' it, so I was feeding her two cans a day, but then she sorta lost interest again after gaining all her weight back. That's when I hit on the new 'I refuse to eat the same flavor two days in a row' issue, but at 15, I figure I can live with it.
So, really, don't care HOW they do it. I just know that all the other brands I have tried, this is the only one that is cost-usable-on-a-monthly-basis, and my dog will eat, so I will keep buying it as long as I can, and as long as my dog is still alive.

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