Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats Review

Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats
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Freeze dried liver has a hypnotic effect on dogs. They LOVE it and will do just about anything for it, so it is a great treat to use for training. (Powdered freeze dried liver is even added to many dog medicines nowadays-- heartworm and arthritis tablets, etc.-- because it causes the dog to scarf the medicine down like a treat.)
Freeze dried liver has a dry, hard, yet powdery/easy to chew consistency. It comes chopped/cubed. It is extremely lightweight due to the fact there is so little moisture in the product (thus the low weights on product labels).
Even though your dog will love liver treats, you shouldn't overfeed it. The manufacturer recommends 1-2 cubes daily for small dogs, 2-3 cubes for medium dogs, and 3-4 cubes for large dogs.
The largest package sizes of liver treats tend to be far more economical. I recommend buying the larger tubs, as you will save lots of money, you'll have a handy treat supply around for a longer time, and your dog will never tire of this product.
There is really zero waste with this product. When you near the end of the tub you'll find some powdery bits of dried liver at the bottom. Your dogs will go CRAZY if you sprinkle this dust over their dog food-- it's a wonderful reward that is easy to use.
Here's the nutritional analysis:
-100% freeze dried liver
-NO additives or preservatives.
-Crude protein..... not less than 50%
-Crude fat..... not less than 5%
-Crude fiber..... not more than 3%
-Moisture..... not more than 6%

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