Sunday, December 2, 2012

HARMONY FARMS Healthy & Holistic Adult Dog Food Review

HARMONY FARMS Healthy and Holistic Adult Dog Food
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My doggie really likes Newman's Organic better than some other dog foods pet and big-box stores sell. My budget doesn't like Newman's Organic as much as Harmony Farms. It's the compromise that keeps the doggie AND my budget happy. Because he eats it heartily, I don't worry that he's getting enough high quality food. Otherwise he won't eat his food and he'll graze in the trash seeking egg shells and bones to fill the void.
There's no barfing, digestion problems or accidents. High Quality food means good digestion, a shiny coat, high energy, bright eyes and a good attitude WITHOUT tons of additional elixers, treats or vet bills. A definite cost effective WIN:WIN for doggie AND me.
I've had great results with Newman's Dog Food that I orderd through Amazon BUT there's 5 pounds LESS for about the same price.
Psst I'm not an organic fanatic, it's the nutritional value that counts for my fur baby and human kids!
Update 3/26/2011: Noticed this has jumped to almost THIRTY BUCKS, will opt for Newman's Organic when the costs per pound are the dog likes BOTH Harmony and Newman, my budget likes the one most cost effective at the time of purchase :)

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