Saturday, December 1, 2012

FunBites FlatSticks Calcibone, 60-Count (Pack of 5) Review

FunBites FlatSticks Calcibone, 60-Count (Pack of 5)
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The name sounds contradictory, or even menacing. Just kidding. My 13 1/2 year old cannot eat bones anymore. They play havoc with her digestion. She is getting one of these FunBites a day. She enjoys them as her regular food does not provide any challenge. These are not your traditional raw hide chews. They are more workable and have a nice boost of dicalcium phosphate and calcium bicarbonate. Don't worry, these are not the troubling additives you will find in food products engineered for focus groups. They are working therapies to have on a daily basis as a supplement.
They help keep her old choppers cleaner. If your dog has build-up, do not rely on these to correct the problem. Get a dog tooth brush. Do not use human tooth cleaners because they are engineered to appeal to people for that hard working fresh and clean taste and sensation. Dogs hate that. If you do not like the idea of brushing, the vet will do it. But it is good to pay attention to the mouth especially as foods are softer and dogs are living longer. And FunBites help along the way. One a day is enough. They are cow hide, so dogs get some protein and fiber. Rice and flour are binders to help it all work together.
Woof! (Alright I'm coming...)

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