Sunday, December 16, 2012

Artemis Fresh Mix Canned Dog Food Case Chicken Review

Artemis Fresh Mix Canned Dog Food Case Chicken
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We like the pop-top lid on the canned foods eliminating the can opener wrestling match and test of dexterity. Opening the can of Artemis, one sees a solid dog food, light in color with bits of foods like carrots, peas, and potatoes readily visible.
Our three pooches like Artemis and their parents do also. The ingredient list is commendable with no fillers and none of those horrendous animal scraps found in cheaper dog foods. Mostly I like seeing the inclusion of potatoes in the mix. We like the density of the canned food; those runny canned products with high liquid content tend to dirty and stain the canine whiskers and beard. One user of Artemis commented that her dog had much less gas and fewer stools. I'll have to monitor our girls more closely to see if this is the case with them. I do notice a welcome firmness in Evie's stools though. If you're looking to try a premium pet food, give Artemis a try.
More reasons to try Artemis -
Natural DHA
Superior grade protein (human grade)
Multi protein source
Select vegetables and fruits
Custom vitamin and mineral package
Balanced level of omega 3 & 6
Skin and coat conditioners
Natural - contains no added chemicals, preservatives, artificial additives, or by-products.
No wheat or corn
Guarantee- Artemis guarantees your pet will thrive and be satisfied or 100% money back.

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