Thursday, November 15, 2012

SecondNature Dog Litter Review

SecondNature Dog Litter
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During the frigid winter, we brought home two toy fox terrier/pug mixes, and this has helped out immensely! At 1.4 pounds, they were to small to go outside to go potty, so they could go in the litter pan anytime they had to go. We had very little difficulty in teaching the dogs where to go. It is ideal for us, because we work longs shifts and are not home on some days for 10+ hours. Great for those who just moved, or are about to move to new construction home sites--it keeps the dogs out of the mud and dirt! The dogs do tend to eat the litter, but it is not harmful, and their stool is not difficult to pass when they have digested it. And, as the dogs have grown, we have gotten progressively bigger with the size of the litter pan. I would not recommend this for a larger size dog!

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