Friday, October 5, 2012

Merrick Flossies Tendon Dog Chew Treat Review

Merrick Flossies Tendon Dog Chew Treat
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This special treat tops the list with our dogs. If they so much as think we are going to get one out for them they are standing there before we get there. They are beef tendons wrapped around in a spiral shape. They would rather have Flossies then anything else. It's a good chew for them as they twist and turn it in their paws and chomp away on them. As they chew it brushes against their teeth and gums and does a great job on keeping their mouth fresh and clean. It comes in different sizes and I use both sizes as one of our dogs is 30 pounds and the other is 120. The only drawback to this terrific dog chew is the price. I usually buy them by the case but I have to put money aside to get them. Our larger dog can go through a Phat Flossie in less then 10 minutes...not that long a time for that price. It's too expensive to give on a daily basis for something that only lasts a couple of minutes. But I always keep them on hand for that special treat. It's well worth a try but I do find the price way too high. If they keep raising the price on the Flossies I might have to stop buying them.

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