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IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Review

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container
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I bought this 7 months ago, and it was great. 2 days ago I got a disappointing lesson that you cannot let a 40 lb bag drop into the container. You have to completely lower it in, or the bottom of the container will break off, unable to take a direct drop.
It had performed so well otherwise, that it hadn't crossed my mind that could occur. I had been working very long hours and was too exhausted to use my physical strength to gently lower in the new bag and I just let it drop and was surprised to hear a big crack as the bottom broke.
Next time I am that tired, I will wait until I am rested enough to gently lower the bag, because after all it is only plastic. For the price, it can't be beat.
I went ahead and ordered a replacement because it works great otherwise, keeping the food fresh and making it very easy to cart around a 40lb bag. It has held up great all that time until I thoughtlessly just dropped a 40lb bag into it. I wish it came with a hardier bottom, but then again, it wouldn't cost as cheaply if it did. So be warned: the bottom breaks off if you let a heavy bag of kibble fall into it, and so you must take care lowering the bag in.

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Iris offers the perfect blend of form and function with this sturdy plastic Airtight Pet Food Container. It holds up to 50 pounds or 60 to 69 quarts of your pet's favorite dry food, treats, or rawhide. The clear base lets you know with a quick glance when it's time to pick up more food at the store. The airtight lid and snap-tight buckle keep everything inside fresh. The wide open top offers easy access, so use a big scoop. Includes 4 casters that let you roll the container smoothly across the floor. Stores easily under sink or inside pantry. Measures 15 x 17.9 x 22.2 inches.

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