Friday, October 12, 2012

Greenies SENIOR Treat-Pak, 12 oz. package Review

Greenies SENIOR Treat-Pak, 12 oz. package
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I am an enabler. My two dogs have an insatiable addiction to Greenies. Every night around 8:45 p.m., they start whining, barking, and circling me... and they don't stop until they each get a Greenie for the day. If you're a consistent buyer of Greenies like me, you know that it can get very expensive-- at the local chain pet store I can expect to pay $17.99 per bag of Greenies (12 oz., 43 teenie pieces).
Which leads me to review Amazon's performance in delivering these doggie treats at a reasonable price; currently it's $15.99 per bag and if you buy 3 bag you get one for free. In addition to this, there's free shipping which saves me time and a needless trip down to the pet store. If you buy 4 bags, you're getting it for about $12 per bag, which is a fantastic deal.
In terms of the snacks themselves, the senior version of these Teenie Greenies are great-- they taste just as great as the original (based on my dogs' ability to consume it in under 3 minutes) but they have a softer consistency. One of my dogs is nearly 18 years old, while the other is 9 years old... so dental care and not stressing out their teeth is really important to me.
As long as Amazon maintains this deal, I'll continue to purchase the item directly from them.

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