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Our Pets Signature Series Review

Our Pets Signature Series
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I have a cat that has an intense fondness for flipping over her water dish. In fact, she is indiscriminate and will quickly make sure our other cat also has no drinking water. We switched to heavy ceramic bowls she couldn't flip and she switching to pushing them around the house until the water completely sloshed out. We tried mats and towels for friction and clean-up and before long, we were using up a lot of extra space and effort in our kitchen to create some sort of unattractive contraption just to keep the floor dry and our pets hydrated.
It was time for a food stand.
I bought this one pretty indifferently (criteria: it wasn't hideous and it wasn't expensive), but now I've grown to love it. In fact, I'm going to get a second for my other cat.
First off, it's just the right size for both me and my cats. The stand itself isn't tiny (it's not huge either), but the bowls are small (one pint). Standing at 4" off the ground, it's not too high for cats to easily feed out of. I can bring the bowls to the counter to fill with food and water, or simply lift up the whole stand. Either way works fine. It's small and pretty light-weight.
It isn't ugly looking, nor is it fancy enough to attract attention. The black and silver fits nicely with home decor in a simple, subtle way. I can leave this in my kitchen when company is over without feeling like a barbarian (the way I did before with bowls+towels+weights+water-repellent-mat+angry cat), but it's also safe enough to set over carpet if I wanted to.
The stand itself is plastic with little feets for better grip. The bowls are stainless steel, can easily be removed from the stand and are simple to wash. The top of the stand has a lip around it so if your cat manages to shove the entire stand hard enough (as some do), the water will slosh out onto the table and NOT your flooring. Even better, the lip of each bowl is slightly ramped so that any liquids knocked onto the top will stay there and not drip into the neighbouring bowl to create soggy food.
In short, I no longer have to worry about slipping in a pool of water and breaking my neck in my kitchen, my aquaphobic feline now has a how-do-I-beat-this-food-stand project to keep her occupied, and both of them now have drinking water, even if I've neglected to supervise their feeding area upon water refill.

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