Saturday, December 1, 2012

Solid Gold S.E.P. (Stop Eating Poop) 3.5oz Review

Solid Gold S.E.P. (Stop Eating Poop) 3.5oz
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I've put a lot of time and money into finding either a product or a homemade remedy for "the problem." This stuff has really cut down on the consumption of deposits. I do have to treat four dogs to discourage only one of them. This supplement has not yet broken her entirely, but the frequency has really decreased. I have much more to pick up from the yard. We are still in the two-week twice a day treatment (I also feed twice a day so it is easy) so I do not know what will happen if and when I switch to a once a day dose. It does have a strong, pungent odor but I do not find it offensive. Clearly better than poop-breath. Nothing else I have tried works to this degree - I'll buy it until the habit is broken or as long I as need it. May have to look into purchasing by the case.

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