Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feline Greenies Chicken Flavor Cat Treats Review

Feline Greenies Chicken Flavor Cat Treats
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Our three cats are enthusiastic about Pounce cat treats, so we expected them to be equally enthusiastic about Greenies. They were not.
They each tried three treats and then left. Our long-haired orange male left to throw up his treats, but being a long-hair, he throws up from grooming his fur so much. I do not necessarily attribute the vomiting to Greenies.
I did search for menadione sodium bisulfite (MSB) as another reviewer suggested, but I did not find in my search that menadione sodium bisulfite (MSB) is a poison. Menadione is an irritant in its pure form and irritates skin and mucous membranes, but the study I read indicated no adverse effects from menadione sodium bisulfite (MSB)in animal studies.
We won't be buying Greenies again because of the lukewarm reception it received, but, if your cat likes it, I wouldn't worry about the menadione sodium bisulfite (MSB) it contains. It might be a problem if that was all your cat ate, but treats are treats, not standard diets, and should be given in only small amounts.

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