Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EVO Small Bite Dry Dog Food Review

EVO Small Bite Dry Dog Food
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Okay, let me be one to say my "kids" love this food. I have three longcoat Chihuahuas who are very finicky. One would eat something I got and the others wouldn't and, this has been going on for a couple of years now. My oldest, a male was the worst and even he eats it. This is the first food I've gotten that they all like and eat regularly which, cuts back on my preparing wet foods for them. I am so happy with the product and will continue to buy this brand of foods. I've done lots of research and this has most of what I'm looking for, no by-products, grains, and chemicals I've never heard of or would want to eat myself, much less feed to my loved ones. The cost in comparison to the store brands is a bit more BUT, I save in not having to make larger qty meals from fresh, organic foods myself and...they are worth it. I can already see a change in their coats and stamina over about 4-6weeks. Happy Customer.

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