Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Durapet Square Dog Bowl Review

Durapet Square Dog Bowl
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Purchased 3 of these to replace ceramic bowls our 3 goldens have been using. It's hard to tell from the photo on the product web page, but, these bowls have an angled top in which one side is much higher then the other opposite side of bowl. This design is probably to prevent your pet from pushing food to the back of bowl (low side faces them when eating) and over the top of back, but, at about 3 quarts capacity, the food doesn't come up that far on these anyway to cause this problem or be any concern. Due to the design of these, they have limited to no benefit as a water bowl since they can't hold a high level of water. We returned them unfortunately. 5 star rating for a very solid, heavy SS construction and they will last a very long time, but, 3 stars for impractical and the un-necessary way they are designed. Average rating = 4 stars.

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