Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Atomic Treat Ball Review

Atomic Treat Ball
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I have two Norwegian Elkhound puppies, one of them who chews pretty much everything except those white marrow bones, and both of them LOVE these treat toys! I have 3 of them in the house and none of them have been destroyed and they're at least a year old! As for the reviewers who suggest that "the treats just fall right out" . . . how about buying a treat that matches the size of the hole??? Obviously you can't put really small treats in these or they will just "fall right out"!!! In the 3-inch balls I find the Mother Hubbard mini-size treats work just about right . . . some of the treats you have to turn slightly to fit into the hole which means they don't just fall right out, giving the pup a nice challenge!!! If you can just "drop" the treat right in, then it's going to just as easily drop right out for the puppy, and they'll be done with the ball and all its contents in about 60 seconds!!! Obviously the 5-inch toy needs larger treats . . . this shouldn't be that difficult to figure out! These toys occupy my dogs sometimes for an hour and on many occasions they'll leave the toy with treats still in it . . . great, great investment!!!

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