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Smartcat Tiger Diner Portion Control Cat Bowl - BLUE Review

Smartcat Tiger Diner Portion Control Cat Bowl - BLUE
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Recently, my vet suggested that I keep tighter reins on my kitties' food portions to prevent obesity and vomiting from eating too fast. She suggested one of those portion-control dog bowls that forces them to eat slower by chasing the food around the shapes molded into the bowl. But everything I found was too large for a cat. This was the perfect solution to my fat, bored cat problem! I was a bit skeptical since this is a new item and no one else has rated it, but I am so pleased.
My big Siamese, Capone, looked at me like I was crazy when I took away his favorite old ceramic bowl. But my Himilayan kitten, Java, took to it right away and thought digging out the kibbles was such great fun. Soon, Capone wanted to play too and they spent hours finding a myriad of ways to get the food out. They attacked it from the top, the sides, and while looking into it upside down on their backs. Through all this, they were not able to tip it over, though a more agressive cat might. Since it has paw-sized holes all the way around, multiple cats can get at it simultaneously, alleviating the problem of the Alpha cat taking over the dish. In fact, Java found great delight in stealing the kibbles that Capone was trying to get at from the opposite side.
Pros: Easy to assemble, easy to clean, sturdy plastic. Has a larger storage tube that works like a gravity feeder for multiple cats. Some stores sell it with a free, ribbed placemat that is a MUST for containing the kibble, especially on non-carpeted surfaces. The clear color blends right into any decor -- it doesn't look like the space-age toy that shows in the pic. Can't speak for the other colors, they're pretty bright!
Cons: This probably isn't a design flaw as much as a "flaw" in my kitten's personality, but he couldn't resist pulling every ounce of the kibble out onto the mat and arranging it into little piles. They ate it later, so no big deal, but it sure looks messy for a while. To solve this problem, I bought an inexpensive plastic mat that has a raised edge to prevent the bowl from being pulled off it, and to contain the kibble on the mat. Also, even with the gravity extension tube attached, this dish cannot hold more than about a cup and a half of food, so you'll have to use multiple dishes or some other feeder if you're away for more than a day or two.
Overall, I think this is a great, fun solution to overeating and will keep my cats slimmer and more mentally stimulated. I highly recommend.

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