Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief, 15 ml Review

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief, 15 ml
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We took our 11 year old kitty home for the holidays on a 7-hour car ride. He just layed there in his kennel; unbelievable! He really hates car trips. I started giving this to him 3 times a day beginning the day before we left. He cried for maybe a few minutes when we first started driving and then that was it. And he totally adapted to my dad's place where we stayed; I gave him some more the next day to make sure he wasn't upset; he was great! He was so good; this really really does work with no drowsiness or any type of side affects whatsoever. Do not even hesitate to use this; love it.
Hint; place the correct number of drops right into the lid and tilt back their head and just let it run in; this is much quicker and easier then trying to squeeze the drops in one at a time. We used 10 drops cause he is a huge Maine Coon weighing 25lbs. Read instructions of course for correct weight dosage.

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