Wednesday, October 31, 2012

V-dog Review

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There is really only one other truly vegan dog food option on the market. It's by Natural Balance. The only reason we sometimes go for that brand and not V-Dog is because it's sold locally and has a canned food option. Pricing is mostly identical, so when we can remember to order in advance, we get V-Dog. Regardless of what dog food we give our old pup, he'd much rather have what we're having, but between dry kibble by V-Dog and by Natural Balance, our dog will leave the latter brand in his bowl for days until we start to worry that he's going to starve or wonder if he's simply hitting the neighbors up for leftovers when we're not looking. V-Dog has everything our dog needs and nothing that he doesn't. Do some research into commercial dog food and whether or not you're vegan, you'll want to stop supporting that enterprise. If you want canned wet, buy Natural Balance Vegetarian. If you want dry kibble, hands down, V-Dog is the way to go.

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