Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trophy Dyne High Calorie Animal Supplement Review

Trophy Dyne High Calorie Animal Supplement
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I own a breed that is usually prone to being overweight... Usually is a term I use lightly. I have a couple of them that refuse to eat the same thing twice in a row and have driven me to sheer exhaustion trying to get them to eat "something" on a coninual basis and not look like they are malnourished.
Dyne is my successful go-between. My right hand man. My knight in shinning armour.
Dyne puts enough weight on them that if they don't eat right "every day" they at least don't "look" like they don't eat every day. *This of course is after many visits to the vet to be sure there is not some underlying cause for their "anorexia-like" behavior.
Dyne is a very thick yellow-cake-batter-like smelling goo that when mixed with water makes a white milky looking liquid that the dogs really enjoy. They will burst at the seams if given the chance. At least I know they are not lacking any vitamins or minerals if I get them to eat a little kibble and drink a bit of Dyne. I no longer worry about unbalanced meals when all they will eat some days are fast food burgers or fried chicken... They do it fewer and farther between now that we've added Dyne to their daily routine.

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