Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Orbee-Tuff Veggie & Fruit Dog Toy - Eggplant (5.75) Review

Orbee-Tuff Veggie and Fruit Dog Toy - Eggplant (5.75)
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This was given to us as a gift. What a weird toy...I mean, it makes sense when a dog toy is in the shape of a bone, or a rope, or a ball even,....but an eggplant? But we gave it a try anyway.
OMG she loves this toy! The minty feature loses its bit very shortly after playing with it for maybe 10 hours? But she gets a lot of use out of this one. The green top did eventually pop off, but it doesn't stop the toy from being playable. I never put any treats in this one and she still finds it fun. Also, I LOVE how it's rubber and an odd shape. We use it as a ball sometimes, but since it's eggplant shaped, the bounces are always sporadic. It drives our westie nuts!

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