Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cat-It LARGE Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain (100 oz) Review

Cat-It LARGE Fresh and Clear Drinking Fountain (100 oz)
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My five cats love this fountain! No more trips to the sink to turn on the tap for my feline friends. It's much quieter than the Drinkwells I used to have. I bought two Catit fountains several months ago and I'm very impressed. They really do hold a lot of water. I only have to refill them once a week. Maintainence is a snap! Everything comes apart easily for a once-a-month cleaning (including the pump!)keeping them running smoothly and prevents mold and mineral deposits. The filters are easy to change and inexpensive.
The water flows quietly and smoothly over the dome, provided the fountain is on a level surface. At initial start-up and after refilling it may be necessary to "massage" the dome to break any "static cling" that would prevent smooth-flowing water. The one on the ceramic tile floor is a bit off-level so it doesn't flow as smoothly or as soundlessly as the one on the hardwood floor. But it's a LOT quieter than the Drinkwell fountains. A cushioned placemat underneath the fountains helps catch any kitty-spills and makes the fountains virtually sound-free! I like the bubble design and it doesn't take up much room. I'm very happy with this product.

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