Saturday, September 29, 2012

Petmate Fresh Flow Filter Refill Review

Petmate Fresh Flow Filter Refill
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To my mind, there is little more annoying than when a company trots out an "upgrade" product that turns out to be much worse than the original.
These filters render the fountains UNUSABLE in my area (yes, 'tis likely different areas are prone to different microorganisms which may be handled more or less effectively by different products). I get algae sliming up the works within one or two days. God knows what kind of bacteria are thriving in commensal or symbiotic relationships with this algal slime...
I am back to running my faucets day-and-night because my cats will not drink out of bowls. They USED to love drinking out of the Pet Fountain, but will not use it for more than a day or two after it has been fully disassembled and cleaned with bleach.
A few quality control tests would have easily allowed the manufacturer to realize what we have all realized... this product is completely ineffective and a wretched down-grade from the previously-supported filter.
Whoever was involved in developing this product has brought ignominious disgrace upon a formerly beloved company...

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