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Drinkwell with 50 Oz Reservoir Review

Drinkwell with 50 Oz Reservoir
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First of all, I know that on the other versions of the fountain (with or without this extra reservoir) there were reviews stating that the fountain was noisy or that their cats would not drink from it. This was not my experience, the fountain runs pretty quietly you just need to make sure there is enough water in the bowl (enough to cover the little hole at the base of the bowl where filtration gets cycled through.)
You will need to give your pets time to adjust. My two kittens are 6 months old and they have always drank from a bowl. When I first hooked up the fountain they stuck their paws in and played a little, but mostly looked at it nervously for a couple days. I left their regular bowl next to it and noticed after a few days one cat started to prefer the fountain. After a week I took the regular bowl away at meal time and my other cat started to drink from the fountain. I think most cats will need a gradual change to this, don't expect them to like it overnight.
The bowl itself holds more water than both my cats need for 2 or 3 days. Getting a reservoir attachment wasn't needed, but I got one just so I could always feel secure they'd have plenty of water if something happened and I was away from home. This may be different with dogs, as I think they drink way more water.
The 50 oz. reservoir container was INSTANTLY KNOCKED OVER by my curious kitten. I had even tucked it by the wall in a position LESS likely to be knocked over... but this is designed so poorly that if your pet likes to jump over it or put their paw up on it, bam... falls over and empties a ton of water all over the floor! (Yes it was "secured" by the little plastic "latch" piece on the back, but it's very flimsy. Plus, there is no way to flip the reservoir over after you fill it without spilling at least a little bit of water.)
So, now I use the fountain by itself. I add a cup of water directly to the bowl at feeding time every day. It stays pretty clean, way cleaner than the old bowl, so I give it a good scrub about once a week. (Compared to the old bowl which was dirty daily.)
Unless you have a dog or need to be away from the house for more than a couple days, I'd just get the fountain without the reservoir container. Drinkwell Pet Fountain

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