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Before Grain Variety Pack Canned Cat Food Review

Before Grain Variety Pack Canned Cat Food
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My 13ish yr old cat was recently diagnosed with some form of liver disease - (he adopted me 3 yrs ago when I got married since he was my husband's) and wasn't eating very much - some roasted turkey meat and some cheese (he is normally fed canned cat food) not even his favorite Fancy Feast was enticing. The Vet recommended Science Diet Hills AD and my cat barely touched it. So I went shopping for anything he would eat since he HAS to gain some weight and came across BG cans sitting in the aisle waiting to be stocked/shelved. I was amazed at the plain ingredients and figured I would give it a try - I bought the turkey, the chicken and the quail (I wish there was rabbit) but he devoured the turkey - the entire can! later on he had the chicken and this morning he had quail for the first time in his life and ate half the can :D so far things are looking great! He is taking his meds as well so we have hope. I will update this review in the next week or so.
update April 2010: He still eats these and the dry version and also Innova's EVO Turkey and Chicken combo & the Beef (both dry and canned). He has maintained his weight but recent blood work says he is on *borrowed time* and the thoough meds have helped (Predisone and Denosyl) w/o eating, no meds would have kept him alive and happy for this long so TYVM Before Grain and Innova EVO! Btw, he also devours unseasoned grilled london broil that I chop up in the blender for him (since cats don't really chew, this is easier for his digestion) it is slightly extra work, but he is worth it.
Update April 5, 2011: As of this writing, my cat will now only eat Before Grain chicken/quail canned in addition to another brand. I think he gets very bored with the same food day after day and/or companies change their products with out notifying consumers. I have eliminated kibble from his diet altogether and the majority of his food is canned & non-seasoned baked chicken breast shredded in a blender. Even the Evo Turkey/chicken dry he loved so much for many months is no longer enticing to him. He now prefers Instinct canned cat food over any other brand. However, if I feed him too much of the same flavor in one week, I notice his interest wanes, so I alternate flavors. He does not care for the Rabbit nor the Beef tho. He has managed to maintain his 11lbs without medications for 6 mos and he recently turned 15yrs old. :} He is an affectionate gentle giant of a tabby so his health and nutrition are very important to me as I love him to bits. We will be attempting the Instinct raw medallions of lamb soon since the Instinct canned lamb is his favorite. His yearly vet checkup is later this month. Will update for those interested.

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