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Fancy Feast Gourmet Kitten Food Review

Fancy Feast Gourmet Kitten Food
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We use this kitten food for our feral kittens that come to us for some loving. They all enjoy this food, we haven't had one yet that doesn't dig right in. The smell isn't too strong either, even the sea food one. For the more wild kittens we find this food is a great ice-breaker to get them to start eating when they are still scared. Many of our kittens (and the mothers) come to us in poor condition; low weight and more worms than cat it seems. They fatten right up on this food, and you can see the difference on a daily basis.
When they get their worm medicine, they will often get sick and throw up their food. This stuff also doesn't smell too bad then either. Just so you don't think this is a post written by a company rep. :p
For some of the smaller kittens we get, we also mix in meat-based baby food. Mix it all together with some water (they never seem to drink enough), microwave for 8-9 seconds so it isn't too hot and serve it. My wife and I love watching the change in the cats as they grow into their bodies.
We also use this food for older cats that have weight issues, such as those caused by renal failure (loss of appetite, upset stomach, dehydration). It's a moist food, easy to add water to it, and they seem to respond well. When they start to turn away from this food, we know the end is near since it's hard to get them to eat anything if they don't eat this.
For pricing, we often find it cheaper at local stores. And, oddly enough, the single cans are frequently on sale well below the price of the 24-box price-per-can. But, Amazon is nice because of the home delivery.

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