Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eukanuba Adult Sensitive Stomach Formula Dry Cat Food Review

Eukanuba Adult Sensitive Stomach Formula Dry Cat Food
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I have 11 rescue cats and 6 of them really like this food. Three of these guys have IBD which gave them chronic vomiting problems. I'm not a fan of raw food and I don't live in a large metropolitan area where I have lots of high-end choices. I don't like feeding my cats corn or wheat any more than I have to. I tried Felidae and no one ate it. I tried Blue Buffalo and no one ate it. I tried By Nature and a few would eat it. I tried Pet Guard and a few liked that but mostly my Chihuahua thought it was yummy. I tried Sensitive Stomach and most of them would eat it and some seemed to really like it! I still get the occasional digestive upset but only about 1/10th of what I used to see. I also feed Eagle Pak Holistic Chicken but I have to drive 40 minutes one-way to get that and the store doesn't keep it reliably in stock. Now I have 4 feeding stations using: By Nature, Pet Guard, Eagle Pak and Sensitive Stomach and every one is eating and thriving. Sensitive Stomach seems to be the favorite and I fill that bowl up about the same as the Eagle Pak but three times as often as the By Nature and Pet Guard. All my cats have fabulous coats and the two that don't have chronic diarrhea have firm stools. Now I would love to find a food that has extra Lysine and Dura-Lactin in it for my chronic Herpes carriers.
I was horrified when Eukanuba stopped making Sensitive Stomach last year. When I heard the news I drove all over my city buying every bag I could find. I found 10 bags and that didn't last me through the drought. I was so glad to see it return to the shelves. Sensitive Stomach has a higher corn content than I would like but the cats that prefer it aren't overweight, aren't suffering from corn allergies, don't have trouble with diabetes and seem to be thriving, so I'm tolerating the corn content.

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