Sunday, June 24, 2012

Booda Soft Bite Hedgehog (Medium) -- 1 Toy Review

Booda Soft Bite Hedgehog (Medium) -- 1 Toy
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We originally bought this for Sadie, our 75-pound golden retreiver. For a few months, she showed some interest in the cute, small, squeaking toy, gingerly taking it in her mouth like as it were her her little puppy (insert collective "awwwww" here). However, after awhile she showed only sporadic interest in it. It appears she would much rather show her chops by chewing, biting , and "wrestling" with larger stuffed animals, such as a gorilla, her current favorite.
HOwever, our now 90-something pound 10-year old boy loved this when we first bought it several years ago. The hedgehog is soft and cuddly. It's a perfect take-to-bed size, and probably costs less than stuffed animals designed specifically for children. So, for either your dog or your child, the hedgehog is sire to find a loving and/or biting home.

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