Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics, 300 Grams Review

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics, 300 Grams
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When my Giant German Shepherd was just a few months old he spent 3 weeks with a trainer. When he returned from the kennels there he had a skin infection. The vet prescribed antibiotics and gave him a cortizone shot. To make a long story short, this began a very ugly cycle. These intitial treatments broke this pup's immune system. He became allergic to many things, food, his tic & flea treatment, etc. As a result he would have ear infections on a regular basis, diarrhea, and would constantly chew at his rump. We'd take him back to the vet and he'd prescribe more of the above. The poor guy would be up all night chewing and scratching himself and suffering. This went on for many months. Someone with a holistic persective finally advised that it sounded as though his immune system was out of wack due to all of drugs, etc. and that I should try this product. I began using it and within 10 days an improvement began. After a month, he almost never scratched, etc. He's been on it now for 6 months and hasn't had diarrhea (which had been a couple times a month), he's back on his tic & flea treatment with no negative reaction. He sleeps through the night, his coat has improved and he's gaining weight at a more appropriate rate.
We will keep him on this stuff forever. It seems he had developed a yeast infection from all the drugs and now it's gone!

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